The Biggest Importer of Geoducks

China, the Biggest Importer of Geoducks

Geoduck is a marine bivalve, quite large in size. Every seafood lover has either tasted or heard about geoducks. Although it has a strange shape, it is nevertheless considered a food delicacy in various countries of the world especially in Far East. Geoducks have a long conduit shaped neck that can grow as large as 4 feet in length. They also have an outer shell that is up to about 9 inches in length. They are not only big in size but heavy as well.

Geoduck fishing net full of geoduck

Puget Sound region in the State of Washington is famous for large colonies of geoduck.  Geoducks are deep burrowing aquatic animals and therefore, digging them out from their deep burrows is a very difficult task. Geoducks are found open on the sea shores only for a short period in summers when the tides are extremely low. Puget Sound region is famous for its abundance of geoduck and from here these clams are exported to other demanding markets, around the world.

Geoduck is very popular seafood in several Far East countries such as China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. Of all these countries, the largest amounts of geoduck are imported by China. This clam is known as elephant trunk in China, due to its conduit like shape. It is one of the favourite seafood’s in China. Geoducks are sold at very high prices and the live geoducks can be sold for about $30 each in certain Asian countries. However, the high price does not restrain geoduck lovers from buying and eating it.

Geoducks are considered to be aphrodisiacs in China and this might be the reason behind the popularity of this sea shell, despite its odd shape and high price. Apart from China, geoduck is also favoured in many other Asian countries. The latest scientific research has proved that geoducks are not aphrodisiacs; however, it does not shake the old belief of Chinese people. It is also said that they are considered aphrodisiacs perhaps because of their shape. A close look would explain the reason behind this notion.

Apart from the effects it may or may not have on someone’s sexual life, it has a luscious taste. These geoducks are mostly consumed in the form of stews or raw sashimi and a lot of other recipes. The neck or siphon of the geoduck is used as a principle ingredient in salads, sashimi, sushi, soups, broths etc.  Sliced and sautéed geoducks are somewhat similar to abalone in taste.

Geoducks are prepared in a lot of different ways. There are a number of recipes to enjoy the delicious taste of geoducks such as Geoduck Fritters, Geoduck patties, Steaks and Casserole.

China is the largest importer of these geoducks as they are highly valued in Chinese fish markets and in Chinese cuisine. Now, these geoducks are even grown in farms however, it is a difficult task and needs a lot of investment and patience before one gets to harvest these clams. In addition, there are certain rules and regulations regarding geoduck farming that one has to abide by.

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