How to Clean Geoducks

Cleaning and Preparing the Geoduck

A specific protocol is required once the geoducks are unearthed from their seabed. It needs to be cleaned while it is still alive; therefore, the cleaning should be done immediately after its excavation. After rinsing it profusely with ocean water it is kept in a cool airy place away from light covered with a wet cloth. However, it should not be dipped in water.

How to Clean Geoduck

Now starts the cleaning procedure. It requires some equipment such as a container for placing the cleaned geoducks, a sharp knife to scarp off the skin, a hot water container for blanching and obviously gloves to avoid messing your hands. As the geoducks have a rather simple structure hence, these are easily cleaned to get ready in a short time. A few things need to be taken care of while cleaning the geoducks; the procedure however, is quite simple.

First of all, ensure that it is completely clean and dirt free. Then place them in boiling water for about ten seconds, this helps with blanching. Then put them in iced or cold water. The first step in preparing the clam is to remove the shell. Incise it away with the help of a sharp knife; wear gloves to avoid being cut by the fine edges of the shell. Remove the intestines, gills and other viscera, detaching the siphon and the covering. The siphon or the neck of the geoduck is covered by leather like skin that is quite difficult to remove. It needs to be placed for some time in hot water, about forty five seconds as it helps to remove the skin quite conveniently. Start removing the skin from the upper body and keep going to the other end. Wash it again to remove any dirt left, this time more carefully.

The siphon of the geoduck is cut along its length with the help of a sharp knife or scissors. Wash it again with a copious supply of water. The meat of the siphon is quite firm and needs to cut apart and then thrashed lightly with a hammer until it softens a little. When this is done shape the meat into thin slices.

The part of the meat present beneath the siphon is called breast meat. It is cut at the center point and then chopped into small strips. Once the firm external skin is taken off, the rest of the meat is very soft and is easily sliced. Geoduck meat is used in various recipes in different ways. For making fish chowder one would not want too tender meat, or one may want to consume it with out cooking, for this purpose it is chopped into finely sliced small pieces.

As mentioned before, to retain freshness, geoducks need to be instantly cleaned and prepared soon after harvesting while they are still alive. All this requires a quick pace or it will become stale. The staleness is detected by the nasty smell that arises from the meat. Therefore, one needs to be skilled and experienced enough to get the job done in the required time to save the freshness of this delicious clam.

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